About Us

MOKITUP® is the go-to online resource for apparel brands and fashion enthusiasts. Created to save time and money, it provides premium mockups and design assets you won’t find anywhere else. Your brand works hard to make others look good - let MOKITUP® return the favor.


As designers it has always been a challenge to find quality resources for creating presentations or web merchandising. This meant that, collection after collection, we were forced to photograph our own products. This was a very costly and tedious process and at the same time, a luxury not all brands or individuals starting out can afford. So, being creatives, we decided to create a resource to alleviate the problem.

Our Process

After years of rigorous photoshoots and merchandising projects, we began identifying our own best practices for making apparel products look good. Our past experience and passion for fashion led us to curate a series of product images mockups that show depth, emotion and quality. Our designs are made to exceed the expectations of apparel brands while catering to the consumer’s needs. Like the staple pieces in your wardrobe, MOKITUP® will serve as the foundation upon which you build your brand.